Something Fishy

29 Mar

One of the things I love about North Carolina is the easy access to seafood. Along the coast you will find many cities who have not only the major brand names talked about on TV, but the smaller, “mom-and-pop” style restaurants as well.

Something Fishy on S. College Rd in Wilmington is a perfect example. The dining area is quaint but roomy with typical “fish camp” style food (read “fried.”) The nautical-themed decor is homey, like someone might use in their den or outdoor dining area.You wouldn’t think a total absence of fancy would make any difference, but in this case it does. It makes it comfortable.

We were greeted quickly and seated and actually asked if we had a seating preference! (Nice touch!) The best part about this place is the simple goodness of it’s food. I ordered a “choice of three” plate, in my case shrimp, flounder, crab cake, with slaw, green beans, and hush puppies.

Our food arrived quickly, my glass was never empty, and seemed that everyone there was glad to be there (even the employees!) Service was attentive but not bothersome.

Now for the food. The fish was fried well, not cool or soggy in the center. The flavor of the flounder was good, hearty, but not “fishy.” The breading was just right, not thick and gummy, and the portion was ample. The shrimp were lightly breaded and tasty, and the crab cake was real–not that fake Krab (starts with a K and tastes like pollock.)

The slaw was good, not too coarse, not too fine, and the green beans were cooked well and seasoned just right. The hush puppies were just a delight. I had to ask for a box–I couldn’t eat it all. Portions are generous! Prices are reasonable.

In summary…

The Good: Good food well prepared by a friendly and efficient staff in a mom-and-pop atmosphere at a reasonable price.

Could be Better: I honestly couldn’t think of a thing.

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