Fox and Hound

02 Apr

One of the first places I visited when coming to Wilmington was Fox and Hound. It’s larger than a pub but just as accommodating. There are large screen TV’s in every direction you look and every sport imaginable–football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, just look around and you’ll find it playing on one of the bug screens (depending on the season, of course.)

As you approach, you’ll see the patio dining area on your right (which is heated in the fall and spring) also with several large screen tv’s. Fun atmosphere, music, video, lots of guest interaction! As you enter you’ll be greeted by the hostess and asked if you have a seating preference–bar or dining room. The bar area is large with a looooong bar as well as pub style tables and high(er) chairs. The smell of food and beverage is immediate and it is good.

We chose the dining room, found a great location to see as many screens as possible, and ordered drinks. The menu is varied American fare –burgers, sandwiches, and a few steak or chicken entrée. I had a grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies and salad. It was all GOOD. The chicken was flavorful and done, the veggies were steaming (I hate cool vegetables) and the salad was cold and crispy. This was a great Low-carb meal for anyone watching their starches! My guests were equally happy with their sandwiches and burgers (the fries are really good.)

Granted this is not haute cuisine, but that is not what you expect when dining at a sports bar and grill. What you expect is good hot food, well presented, attentive service (our waitress was quite on the ball) all delivered at a good value. That’s just what you’ll get at Fox and Hound.

In summary:

Good: Good times food, good times drinks, and Good times.

Could be better: This time it was ALL good!



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