Kickback Jacks

02 Apr

The parking lot of this place is FULL most any night you pass. I decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Upon entering, my first observation is that this place is HUGE! There is a small dining area just to the right of the main entrance which is as large as many fast food restaurants. Enormous wide screen tv’s are everywhere. The largest must have been at least ten feet wide and over six feet tall.

The next thing I noticed is that this place is LOUD! In the small dining are where I sat, there were four JBL speakers hanging from the ceiling plus a bass subwhoofer.  No one seemed to mind as everyone was talking loudly, make that shouting in some instances, over the music. Everyone appeared to be enjoying the music, videos, food, and each other’s company.

Now for the food. For this first visit I ordered simply–a 7 oz sirloin with hot veggie medley and side salad. The service was fast and courteous. My drink arrived quickly (LARGE glasses–I like that!) followed by a terrific salad in an ice-cold plate. Better than I expected–a good variety of garden greens, not just lettuce, with tomato, bacon (real) bits, and some boiled egg crumbles.

No sooner had my totally empty salad plate (it was delicious!) left the table than my entrée arrived. I cut into the thickest part of the steak to see if they got it right…and it was perfect. This was not like many steak houses where the pink is actually near the top or bottom and the other side is over done, no no, this was nicely done about an eighth of an inch all the was around, a sign of being turned just right (read-well attended) and was pink and tender and juicy down the middle from stem to stern. It was a pleasure to eat.

The veggie medley was a nice surprise–more than broccoli and carrots and squash. There were both red onions and red sweet peppers as well to add color and flavor. I don’t know what else was in there, but it was better than just steaming–there could have been a hint of grill there as well and maybe a splash of vinegar (perhaps the peppers or onions were pickled?) I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was more and better than I expected.

And that was the theme for the night: More than I expected. Good food at a great price with good service. And it was a busy night, too.

As I departed, I walked out though the largest dining room near the bar. It was like a party. Music, TV, and a large, clearly visible open kitchen which only added to the fun and excitement.

In summary:

The good. Great American food, well presented, well priced, and with good service. And at every step “more than I expected.”

The could be better: I honestly can’t think of a thing.

Their website:


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