Longhorn Steak House

04 Apr

I enjoy the Mayfair area, but I don’t always stop to eat unless I am near Fox and Hound (see that article.) I have, however, just discovered the Longhorn! I have heard many positive comments about this place but only recently got ’round to sitting down for a meal.

First off the restaurant is quite large and looks spotless! The health grade posted at the door reads a 96, but this place was clean as a whistle. I was seated quickly and in no time my server came up and introduced himself. After taking my drink order, he brought tea and a nice half-loaf of warm multi-grain bread. There was quite a choice of steak entrees and I found myself thinking that many steak houses get the grilled part of the menu right, but are lagging when it comes to slow roasted dishes like prime rib. I decided to check out the prime rib and I am so glad I did.

My server showed me where all the sides and salads were listed and in no time I had chosen a simple house salad. The flavor was very good, lots of typical ingredients, but I would have preferred a plate rather than a bowl. A bowl allows both the smaller bits of salad (and there were some LARGE chinks of lettuce which needed chopping up) as well as the dressing to sink to the bottom where it got a bit strong. It was still delicious, but just a bit clumsy to eat.

After asking if the beans pictured on the menu were the same as what normally comes with this dish, (I have been baited and switched before) I ordered a side of green beans. When my prime rib arrived it looked so nice I hated to carve it up. But I did. It was delicious. As an aside, the tables are highly polished with a high-gloss finish, and my plate tended to slide around as I tried to cut up my steak. I adapted and all was well. The au jus had just the right blend of salt and pepper to season, and the generous portion of beef was one of the most tasty cuts I have ever eaten. It was seasoned just right, cooked just right, and presented simply. I had to make myself eat slowly, savoring every bite.

The price was  appropriate. The servers here exhibited lots of hustle and the pacing of the meal was like clockwork. It was as if they had planned all day for me to be at dinner. I appreciate that.


The Good: excellent, friendly service, rich au jus, delicious prime rib, well seasoned green beans, good salad.

The Could be Better: More shallow salad bowl, skid-proof plates.

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