Tandoori Bites

27 Apr

Tandoori Bites is a terrific Indian restaurant on College Rd. I had eaten Indian cuisine only sporadically in the past, but Tandoori Bites has changed all that. This place is one of my regular favorites, as well as a family favorite. The lunch buffet at $7.99 is clearly one of the best values in town.

I like to start with the samosas, which are small, pyramid-like pastries filled with seasoned peas and potatoes, and a heaping spoonful of palaak paneer. The palaak paneer (spinach and cheese) is like creamed spinach but spicier.

I like the many ways chicken is offered here (as well as lamb). My favorites are: chicken tikka masala (marinated in lemon, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, etc.), chicken vindaloo (like masala, but with a bit of brown sugar and mustard seed,) and of course, chicken curry. Not sure what to take off the buffet? Ask your server or host! They will explain it all.

My favorite dessert: gulab jamun–deep-fried pastry balls soaked in syrup. VERY SWEET! There is another dessert which looks like ground carrots and syrup (don’t remember the name) but it is very sweet as well.

The atmosphere is unique–Indian paintings and decorations abound as well as Indian music and sometimes Indian music videos showing on the flat-screen over the bar.

On your way out, get a small pinch of fennel and mint to cool the heat of the spices.


The good: great price, extraordinary choices on the buffet, all well prepared.

The Could be Better: Hmm…can’t think of anything!

Visit Tandoori Bites at:

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