Pilot House

30 Apr

Pilot House Restaurant is located at the very end of the waterfront Ann Street in old downtown. You go until the pavement turns to cobblestones and continue until cobblestones turn to gravel. By then you’re in their parking lot.

I must confess I was in a bit of a hurry, and the visit was unplanned, so I may inadvertently omit some details I would have otherwise noticed. Pilot House is in an old house on the waterfront. The entry way is clearly the original living room/hallway area which leads to the back porch where I was seated. As in most old waterfront homes, the foundation has settled making the floor a bit crooked. I noticed that even my tea was listing.There is also a spacious outdoor dining area with bright blue umbrellas.

My server was quick but polite and explained to me some of the specials and choices on the menu. While I looked over the variety of dishes, I was brought some hot bread. In the basket was a multi-grain roll, a pumpernickel roll, and a cupcake sized serving of cornbread. All three were delicious and more came with my entrée.

I selected the lemon-basil chicken and enjoyed the late afternoon view of the waterfront while waiting. When the meal arrived it looked splendid. Two chicken breasts with an attached short wing, grilled and bathed in a nice lemon-basil sauce. All of this was resting on a bed of long-grain wild rice. The tender green beans were simply sautéed with a bit of butter, salt and pepper and were just the right complement to the chicken.

There was never any type of WOW moment to the meal, but it was a great tasting meal nonetheless, efficiently and beautifully served, and appropriately priced. I love old Wilmington and sitting along the river watching the birds, tourists, and the setting sun made this a relaxing and satisfying trip.


The Good: great flavors, nice homey atmosphere, good service, good value

The Could be Better: I might sit at a more level tabel next time 😉

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