10 Sep

Remarkable…simply remarkable. I’ll get to the food shortly, but the Indochine restaurant itself is just amazing. As you enter, the bar is directly in front of you. The main dining area is to your left. This place is busy, both physically and visually. The walls are decorated with unusual bits of Asian art, statues, reliefs, framed art of ancient misty mountains and twisted trees, as well as–food. Yes, there are actually large showcase frames of mushrooms, peppers,– lots of food as art.

The dining room looks as if it were at some time a church or synagogue which has been reclaimed as a business.The ceiling is sort of–rippled? Many smaller arches allowing daylight to enter the dining room add so much to the atmosphere. BUT-the OUTSIDE dining area is amazing. Tiny table sized huts, if you will, made to look like Pacific Rim structures, are arranged along the path of an outdoor garden, splendidly landscaped, with just the right balance of “well-kept” and “wild.” A “tiki” type bar centers the area and is worth a visit if for nothing more than to sip a drink and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The food, likewise, is wonderful. Most entrees are large and meant for two. The menu is extensive and can fill the tummy of those looking for delights from familiar Asian style dishes to more exotic Thai and Vietnamese fare. Service is quick, efficient, and so reasonably priced it will surprise you!

This is one of Wilmington’s busiest places, so come early, or call ahead. You won’t be disappointed.

The Good: Decor, ambiance, service, great food, great value.

The Could be Better: Hmmm…can’t think of anything.

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