Rucker Johns

27 Sep

I love this place. When you tire of the gimmicky flash-in-the-pan kind of place, Rucker Johns is the place to go. It is always well staffed, clean-looking, delicious smelling, with a relaxed yet civilized atmosphere.

This place offers clearly American fare, with great menu items ranging from fish to fowl, steaks to chops, and veggies both steamed and raw (salads), the latter always arriving on a wonderfully COLD plate. (I hate room-temperature salads, and Rucker Johns are always cold and crispy.)

My favorite dish is their slow-roasted prime rib. The thickness is just right, cooked just right, but best of all, a quality cut of beef. No cheap grainy, chewy, second-rate cuts here. The cut is always firm, slightly marbled, and always juicy. The au jus adds just the right finish.

One of my quick favorites (if I don’t have time so sit and savor) is the Bucky’s Bites–a small skewer or two of steak bites with a side of veggies when the prime rib or the Jack Daniel’s marinated steak is a bit too much. I also like the wraps (shrimp, chicken salad, etc.)

I have eaten at two of the locations, Emerald Isle and Wilmington, and they both are staffed by courteous wait staff and attentive chefs, as well as managers cruising the floor making sure all is well with your experience.


The Good: prime rib, cold salads, service, ambiance.

The Could Be Better: Hmmm…not much!

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