Sweet and Savory

27 Sep

I thought I would never find this place. It is on a side street off of Wrightsville Ave at 1611 Pavilion Place. This place is going to have to be visited more than once. First of all, I didn’t really “get it.” Later, I realized it’s not simply a cafe, but a bakery as well. That doesn’t quite tell it all either, though. It also has that “local gather here” feel. The decor is a bit eclectic, almost a “small-place-on-a-deserted-highway” look. Think of the boys on an episode of Route 66 stopping for a fish dinner and you’re about there.

Once again, I had a steak, a really good one, with a smear of red peppercorn/white truffle butter on top. It was juicy, well plated and served efficiently. The salad was a Caesar, I don’t know if the dressing was homemade (like the soups are!!) or not but I could taste the garlic and anchovies in it–really tasty. The slices of toasted baguette were authentic and spot-on.

I have to go back to this place, and here’s why. The restaurant offers nightly specials and each one of them (and I mean ALL of them) are worth a return trip to try out. If you don’t quite get it all, don’t worry, I think after a few trips you’ll be hooked like me.

Finally–Go to their website. It is awesome. All the great nightly deals are there, along with a downloadable menu, wine list, prices,– this place deserves your business if for nothing else but being creative and clever with their website.


The Good: service, salad, Caesar dressing!, steak, good veggies, all around good american fare.

The Could be Better: Don’t know yet–must go back!

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