Fat Tony’s

20 Feb

Lunch at fat Tony’s. Had to be downtown on a Monday and having my grown sons with me I could think of no better place to get some good quality pizza at a great price than Tony’s.

I really need to come some evening and try the pastas and sandwiches, but this was a pizza day. We love the atmosphere, the good service, and the great food. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the bartender and offered a seat. Our server arrived quickly with menus, suggestions, and a smile. We finally settled on the Deluxe (everything) pizza.

We talked, watched some ESPN and some CNN and had a great time catching up. When the pizza came it was perfect. The crust is flexible but toothsome–not wet or floppy–with a dusting of (I think) cornmeal on the bottom. The toppings were so fresh you could smell the ingredients! Oh yes, green peppers, black olives, various meats, and a great sauce.

A great pizza doesn’t call for much more than the chef’s attention and fresh ingredients and you get both at Fat Tony’s. You’ve been to places where it seems like the pizza was just “assembled” or thrown together, not “prepared” for the restaurant’s guests? Not here. Everything here looks good, smells good, tastes good, and is served well by a competent staff in unique surroundings.

I love this place!

The good: fresh, hot, tasty, clean, fun.

The could be better: nothing!

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