The Catch

26 Oct

Walked into The Catch Saturday evening and standing at the bar was a familiar face. After exchanging greetings I recognized that it was Chef Keith Rhodes, formerly Chef at my former and now closed favorite restaurant DeLuxe. Keith now owns and operates The Catch and will soon open a vegetarian restaurant to be called “Voyce.” After gushing on over the splendid meal I had that day Chef Keith smiles and says “I do that same grouper meal here!” A handshake and a fist bump later, I’m at the bar, enjoying fresh baked bread and pesto and nearly worshipping the best Old Fashioned that ever bathed my tongue, made by the bartender, Jessica.

Minutes later, after some terrific conversation with Jessica, I was presented with a photo worthy plating of grouper resting atop a square of sweet potato and crab meat hash. Some no doubt secret sauce was smeared along side of the stack for some wonderful Southern “sopping.” I was actually giddy while enjoying my way through this marvelous dish. The grouper was NOT tough or rubbery, as I have experienced elsewhere, but was firm and tasty with just a hint of browning. Sandwiched between the grouper aand hash was a thin layer of nearly crispy fried greens. The three textures were perfectly balanced, and the flavors were amazing.

I am not a professiona food critic, but I had a wonderful evening, a perfect meal, met a terrific Chef, an awesome bartender, … what more could I want?

My recommendation? Drop what you’re doing and GO to The Catch! 6623 Market Street. And check out :

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